One man brake bleeder EVAP smoke machine
One man brake bleeder EVAP smoke machine

One Man Brake & Clutch Bleeder Cars Aircraft Aviation Brake Bleeder ATV's Trucks

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Automotive Brake Fluid or Aircraft 5606

Brand NEW Vintage Style Pressure fed oil gun is made like in the old days.  Has an adjustable oil / hydraulic pressure adjustment screw valve on top. Solves the problem of a spongy brake pedal.

Comes with brake fluid resistant service hose already attached to the nozzle to service or back bleed your brake system. "Back bleeding" is the name given to pressurizing brake fluid back to the master cylinder which forces the air back to the master cylinder eliminating it from the brake system.  Once the air is forced back to the master cylinder it simply floats to the top of the reservoir.  Excess fluid in the master cylinder can easily be removed with a turkey baster or simple syringe.

Just fill with brake fluid, slip the hose over the nozzle (no leak fit) over your bleeder screw port at the wheel and back bleed the brake system by pumping fluid back to the brake reservoir like the professionals do.  This prevents air in the brake lines and no need for a second person to pump the brake pedal.  Makes the most awesome one man brake bleeder !

Works great for 5606 aircraft brake fluid in addition to automotive brake fluid.  Bleed brakes on cars, trucks, tractors, mowers, motorcycles, campers, snowmobiles and ATVs as well.  This unit will aslo work on most if not all ABS systems.  Customers as well as myself report success with ABS systems.........  Yes, I repair cars in my spare time as well.

Reservoir holds 9 oz.

Also works to bleed hydraulic clutch systems.

Solves the problem of a spongy or soft brake pedal in no time.

Instructions included.