Felt Wiper Set for 16" 24" South Bend Metal Lathe Way Saddle Ways Machine

South Bend Metal Lathe Felt Wiper Set for 16" 24" Way Saddle Ways Machine

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BRAND NEW Aftermarket wipers for South Bend 16" & 24" metal lathe

Made in USA
We are pleased to be able to offer these brand new replacements to owners of these fine vintage American machines made by South Bend Lathe.

These precision cut, hard white felt wipers are mounted as a set of 4 on the saddle and provide protection from chips damaging the bearing surfaces between the ways and the saddle.  Absorbent nature of these felts allows oil to soak into them which keeps a thin film on your bed ways at all times.

These wipers cross reference to the original South Bend part number PT59H1 . Wipers are sold in sets of 4  and are very reasonably priced compared to OEM or used parts so don’t miss out on a chance to pick up a set for your lathe. 

  • Set of 4 Wipers
  • Color may vary.

If you are interested  other wiper sets for other lathes, let us know.

Please email if you have other questions.

Thank you!